Preparing young people for the future of work


In 2016, The Foundation For Young Australian’s released an alarming report called ‘The New Work Order’. There is a huge gap between the skills students are learning at school and the skills they will need for employment. Futuristic aims to bridge this gap.

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Australian students are being trained for jobs that will be radically changed by automation and technology.
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Jobs will require significant digital skills that are not being learnt in school

About the Founder

Conor McLaughlin is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Agents of Change; a Facebook page dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs and young leaders. As a Fogarty Scholar at the University of Western Australia, Conor is studying management and economics. He is passionate about finding ways that technology can aid leadership and social impact.

This passion for leadership has also led Conor to the USA. Conor has been a leadership coach and spoken at the LEAP Leadership Conference in Los Angeles. As our Program Coordinator, Conor leads our online platform and education resources.

Conor McLaughlin


Future of Work

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"Futuristic has really helped me prepare for the future of work with their practical advice. Currently, I am quite unsure as to what I would like to pursue as a career, however I am interested in the finance sector. Futuristic solves this problem."​
Nisha Bhasin​
Student, 16
"Emotional intelligence and creative thinking are skills that haven't always been taught in the past. These are skills that are essential to success in the future workforce. That is why Futuristic is such a great help for me!"
Stella McLaughlin
Student, 18
"Most students aren't exactly sure what they want to do after school. Futuristic has helped me develop the skills that I will need for the future workforce. No matter what I choose to do, I know that I am prepared for the changes that are occurring."​
Sam McGhee
Student, 16


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